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Each year, our organization holds a medical and social conference for those living with the rare disease, Tracheal Stenosis.  Without the support of the community and charitable donations from individuals like yourself, this event would not be possible. Donations help sustain our organization and benefit the community which we serve.  We are again planning our annual Tracheal Stenosis Conference to be held on June 3rd 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Donations allow us to continue offering important programs that support individuals and families affected by the disease, increase awareness of tracheal stenosis among health professionals and the public, and expand research efforts to develop new treatments for tracheal stenosis which we hope will ultimately, find a cure for the disease.
Your generosity will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue in our work. Remember that your gift may be tax-deductible!  Please click on any of the donate buttons throughout the site to make a contribution.  If you wish to donate products, we will happily accept those gifts as well.  Feel free to email us at the link below with any questions or concerns. We thank you in advance for your support!

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If you can’t make a financial donation at this time, but would like more information on how to help send us a message below.

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