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Arkansas Rare Disease Day

By TSF member, Sara Parker Bailey:

I learned something new at the Arkansas Rare Disease Day that I had never heard before. Maybe some of you have, but I thought I would share it with you as I find it kind of a fun fact. Doctors are taught “when you hear hoof beats, don’t think of zebras.” This is designed to teach students a logical approach to a diagnosis, since common things occur commonly and when one hears hoof beats, one should first think of horses and exclude them in the differential diagnosis before thinking of the unusual causes – the zebras. The National Organization for Rare Disorders uses the zebra as their “mascot.” They are trying to get the message out for doctors to not ignore the zebras! And we are among the zebras!! So, since coming home from the event yesterday, I have been telling my family I am a zebra! NORD gave out these cute little zebras at the event to remind us that the zebras matter! It’s a cute little reminder that I am different, but I am special!

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